Encalilla - Tucuman - Argentina

Locality / province / region Encalilla - Amaicha del Valle - Tucumán province - Argentina
City Tucumán
Other country Argentina
Number of years of experimentation 7 and more
Total annual rainfall (P mm) 150 - 180 mm/year
Minimum temperature of the year (°C) 14.1
Maximum temperature of the year (°C) 27.3
Altitude (masl) 1,980
Main type of soil at the site (Textures) Sableux - Sandy - Arena
Soil salinity Oui - Yes - Si
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  • Variétés testéesVarieties testedVariedades probadas
  • Pays andin d'origine de la variété (région-écotype)Andean country of origin of the variety and region-ecotypeOrigen andina de la variedad
  • Taux de germinationGermination ratesTasas de germinación
  • FertilisationFertilizationFertilización
  • RendementsYieldsRendimientos
  • Analyse nutritionnelleNutritional analysisAnálisis nutricional
  • Analyse physico-chimiques des solsPhysico-chemical analysis of soilsAnálisis físico-químico de suelos