Juan Antonio González

Last Name González
First Name Juan Antonio
Your function Director Instituto de Ecologia
Your institution Fundacion Miguel Lillo
Type of organization
  • Centre de rechercheResearch centerCentro de investigación
  • ConsultantConsultantConsultor
Postal address jalules54@gmail.com
City Tucuman
Other country Argentina
Your area of work
  • RechercheResearchInvestigación
Theme of expertise
  • Alimentation humaineHuman food and nutritionAlimentación y nutrición humana
First working language Castillan | Castilian | Castellano
All working languages
  • English
Other language, specify quinoa ecophysiology
What do you expect of a collaborative network on quinoa? Prepare a gran project in quinoa with differente countries
What degree of interest do you have in professional networks? high
What suggestions would you make for the future development of the quinoa network? work in ecophysiological and genetic aspects.
What communication tools do you expect for a network?
  • notes d'informationnewsletterBoletín de información
  • Co-écriture d'articlesco-writing papersCo-escritura de Artículos
Are you directly responsible for conducting quinoa crop trials in your country? ? Non - No