Vivian, Polar

Last Name Polar
First Name Vivian
Your function Quinoa Program Coordinator
Your institution PROINPA Foundation
Type of organization
  • AssociationNGOONG
Postal address AV. BERNARDINO SANJINEZ NO. 138
Other country Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Your area of work
  • RechercheResearchInvestigación
Theme of expertise
  • Agronomie et Systèmes de cultureAgronomy and Cropping systemsSistemas de Cultivos
  • Marchés et FilièresMarkets and Food Chains ValuesMercados y Alimentos
  • Autres usagesOther usesOtros usos de la quinoa
First working language Castillan | Castilian | Castellano
All working languages
  • English
Other language, specify Promotion of technology innovation, empowerment of farmers.
What do you expect of a collaborative network on quinoa? Share technology and research results. Join efforts to develop new research and development projects. Channel support to support farmers.
What degree of interest do you have in professional networks? High.
I believe it is professional networks that manage and promote knowledge flow.
What suggestions would you make for the future development of the quinoa network? Many international networks can work well virtually. To promote the inclusion of local researchers it would be useful to plann some physical interaction as well.
What communication tools do you expect for a network?
  • notes d'informationnewsletterBoletín de información
  • veille thématiquethematic press-monitoring serviceAvisos temáticos
  • Co-écriture d'articlesco-writing papersCo-escritura de Artículos
Are you directly responsible for conducting quinoa crop trials in your country? ? Oui - Yes - Si