National Ministry of Agriculture, South Sudan

You're ? Regina KAPA
Locality / province / region Magwi County and Wau County Equatoria and Bahr el Ghazal regions
City Juba
Country Soudan
Other country South Sudan
Number of years of experimentation first year
Total annual rainfall (P mm) 1500-2000mm
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  • Source des semences (fournisseur)Seed source (provider)Fuente de semillas (proveedor)
  • Date de semisSowing datesFechas de siembra
  • Taux de germinationGermination ratesTasas de germinación
  • Calendrier des Opérations culturalesFarming operations and timing of cultural operationsCalendario de trabajos agricolas en la parcela
  • Date récolteHarvest timeFecha de cosechai
  • RendementsYieldsRendimientos
  • Données météorologiquesWeather dataDatos meteorológicos
  • Analyse physico-chimiques des solsPhysico-chemical analysis of soilsAnálisis físico-químico de suelos