Mukankusi Clare

Last Name Mukankusi
First Name Clare
Your function Plant breeder
Your institution Inetrnational Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
Type of organization
  • Institution internationaleInternational organizationOrganización internacional /
Postal address CIAT (Uganda)
P. O. Box 6247
Kampala, Uganda
City Kampala
Country Ouganda
Your area of work
  • RechercheResearchInvestigación
Theme of expertise
  • Agronomie et Systèmes de cultureAgronomy and Cropping systemsSistemas de Cultivos
  • Génétique et Amélioration des plantesGenetics and Plant breedingGenética y fitomejoramiento
First working language Anglais | English | Ingles
What do you expect of a collaborative network on quinoa? Smooth running of project with well defined complementary roles of the partners.
Efficient utilization of the available resources to achieve the project objectives
What degree of interest do you have in professional networks? High interest
What communication tools do you expect for a network?
  • site webwebsitePágina web
  • Co-écriture d'articlesco-writing papersCo-escritura de Artículos