Locality / province / region Puglia
City Foggia
Country Italie
Other country ITALY
First year of experimentation 2008
Number of years of experimentation 8
Total annual rainfall (P mm) 530
Minimum temperature of the year (°C) -3
Maximum temperature of the year (°C) 45
Altitude (masl) 80
Main type of soil at the site (Textures) Argileux - Clay - Franco arcilloso
Soil salinity Non - No
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  • Variétés testéesVarieties testedVariedades probadas
  • Pays andin d'origine de la variété (région-écotype)Andean country of origin of the variety and region-ecotypeOrigen andina de la variedad
  • Source des semences (fournisseur)Seed source (provider)Fuente de semillas (proveedor)
  • Date de semisSowing datesFechas de siembra
  • Taux de germinationGermination ratesTasas de germinación
  • Calendrier des Opérations culturalesFarming operations and timing of cultural operationsCalendario de trabajos agricolas en la parcela
  • FertilisationFertilizationFertilización
  • IrrigationIrrigationRiego
  • Date récolteHarvest timeFecha de cosechai
  • RendementsYieldsRendimientos
  • Analyse nutritionnelleNutritional analysisAnálisis nutricional
  • Données météorologiquesWeather dataDatos meteorológicos
Others ** CREA-CER RESEARCH** The quinoa research at the CREA-CER started in 2008 as a breeding program where accessions of quinoa from different origins were evaluated for the production of human and animal food, evaluating also the main morphological and qualitative (nutritional and anti-nutritional factors) characteristics. The main aims of the research, still in progress, are: a) to evaluate the suitability of quinoa in southern Italy as a new crop to insert in wheat- based cropping systems; b) to identify and select superior genotypes for seed production and quality traits and/or dry matter yield, that can be used for the development of new food products and/or as new forage crop for animal feeding. Within these topics we developed other researches: • **Characterization of quinoa genotypes**: according to the phenology, morphology, seed and biomass yield and seed quality. • **Characterization of quinoa forage**: assessment of key quality parameters in accessions of quinoa, with the aim of identifying, among accessions more productive, higher quality ones to be used in the southern grassland distribution area, as supply for dairy sheep. • **Production of pasta and other food products**: development prototypes of dough with the use of quinoa seeds, previously selected for superior characteristics of productivity and nutritional qualities. **Sprouts **of quinoa seeds and packaging systems were also evaluated. Other post-harvest chemical and product analyses performed: - **Saponins** - **Quercetin content** **CREA-CER’s research activities on quinoa** were carried out within the context of national and international research projects in cooperation with Italian Universities and Research Centres: FAO-RNE (Egypt); Università CAMPUS BIO-MEDICO DI ROMA (Italy); UniFOGGIA (SAFE) Italy; UniBASILICATA (SAFE), Italy; CREA-NUT (Italy); CREA-ZOE (Italy).
Publications on this experience **De Santis G**., D’Ambrosio T., Rinaldi M., Rascio A., 2016. Heritabilities of morphological and quality traits and interrelationships with yield in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) genotypes in the Mediterranean environment. //Journal of Cereal Science // 70, 177-185 **De Santis G**., Maddaluno C., D’Ambrosio T., Rascio A., Rinaldi M., Troisi J., 2016. Characterization of quinoa (//Chenopodium quinoa //Willd.) accessions for the saponin content in Mediterranean environment. //Italian Journal of Agronomy//. It is scheduled for publication in **2016, volume 11, issue 4 ** (December 2016). Laus Maura N., M.P. Cataldia, C. Robbea, T. D’Ambrosio, M. Luisa Amodioa, G. Colelli, **G. De Santis**, Z. Flagella, D. Pastore, 2016. Antioxidant capacity, polyphenolic and vitamin C contents in quinoa (//Chenopodium quinoa// Willd.) as affected by sprouting and storage conditions. //Italian Journal of Agronomy// (in press). D’Ambrosio T., **G. De Santis***, A. Rascio, C. Fares, D. Pastore, M..L. Amodio, G. Colelli, 2015. Chemical, physical and sensorial characterization of fresh quinoa sprouts (//Chenopodium quinoa //Willd.) and effects of modified atmosphere packaging . Proceedings ICC/AISTEC Conference 1-3 July 2015, Milan (Italy) . **Bazile, D**., et al., 2015. Worldwide Evaluations of Quinoa: preliminary results from 10 countries through FAO projects post iyq. Proceedings Eucarpia International Symposium On Protein Crops, 5-7 May, Pontevedra, (Spain). Annicchiarico, G., S. Claps, **De Santis G.**, T. D’Ambrosio, A. Bruno, M. A. Di Napoli, A.R. Caputo, I. Sepe, 2014. Effetto della Quinoa (//Chenopodium quinoa// Willd.) sul profilo aromatico e acidico del latte di pecora. Atti XXI Congresso Nazionale S.I.P.A.O.C 9-12 settembre - Foggia (Italy). **De Santis G.**, Fragrasso MG., D’Ambrosio T., Platani C., Rinaldi M., Rascio A., 2013. Antioxidant activity and quercetin content in cereals and pseudocereals grains : stress-induced and natural variability. Proceedings Fifth S.I.B.V. Congress , 18th – 20th September, Foggia (Italy).