Bantal Village

Locality / province / region : Doolow town, Gedo Region, Juba Land Interim Administration
City : Doolow
Other country : Somalia
Number of years of experimentation : 1 year
Total annual rainfall (P mm) : 15.4 mm or l/ m2 (monthly accumulated since April 2014)
Minimum temperature of the year (°C) : 26.1 (average minimum)
Maximum temperature of the year (°C) : 31.5 (average maximum)
Average annual temperature (°C) : 28.8 (annual average)
Altitude (masl) : 116
Main type of soil at the site (Textures) : Limoneux
Soil salinity : Non
What test results are important to you to share in the network ? : Variétés testées, Date de semis, Taux de germination, Calendrier des Opérations culturales, Fertilisation, Irrigation, Date récolte, Rendements
Others : Presence of pests and diseases that might affect quinoa in the new testing areas and that can become a limiting factor for quinoa production in the future for the new sites.