First Name François GILBERT
Your function Manager
Your institution GILBEL sprl
Other, precise Entreprise agro-alimentaire sur base du quinoa/ Quinoa production company
City Liège
Other country Belgium
Your area of work
  • Conseil agricoleAgricultural AdvisoryAsesor Agrícola
  • Production agricoleAgricultura productionProducción Agrícola
Other, specify Transformation de quinoa en sous-produits
Theme of expertise
  • Agronomie et Systèmes de cultureAgronomy and Cropping systemsSistemas de Cultivos
  • Marchés et FilièresMarkets and Food Chains ValuesMercados y Alimentos
  • Transformation Post-récoltePost Harvesting processPostcosecha
  • Alimentation humaineHuman food and nutritionAlimentación y nutrición humana
  • Autres usagesOther usesOtros usos de la quinoa
First working language Français | French | Frances
All working languages
  • English
  • Castellano
What do you expect of a collaborative network on quinoa? Be aware of the skills and needs in the differents regions.
What degree of interest do you have in professional networks? My degree of interest in the professional networks is high but for the moment I don't have the time to invest enough into.
What suggestions would you make for the future development of the quinoa network? A monthly newsletter with interviews of different members and info from around the world should be great to begin. Then, different workshop per continent can also be made.
What communication tools do you expect for a network?
  • notes d'informationnewsletterBoletín de información
  • veille thématiquethematic press-monitoring serviceAvisos temáticos
Other, specify ouverture vers les entreprises de l'alimentaire
Are you directly responsible for conducting quinoa crop trials in your country? ? Oui - Yes - Si