Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center

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Locality / province / region Province: Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari
City Shahrekord
Country Iran (République islamique d')
First year of experimentation 2015
Number of years of experimentation 2
Total annual rainfall (P mm) mean: 321.8 mm from 1955 to 2010
Minimum temperature of the year (°C) -32.4 centigrade degree in a special day (from 1955 to 2010)
Maximum temperature of the year (°C) 42 centigrade degree in a special day (from 1955 to 2010)
Average annual temperature (°C) mean: 11.7 centigrade degree (from 1955 to 2010)
Altitude (masl) 2048.9
Main type of soil at the site (Textures) ArgileuxClayFranco arcilloso
Soil salinity NonNoNoNo / Non
Other features of the site The organic carbon of the soil is low.
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ChaharmahalAndBakhtiariAgriculturalAndNatu (Experimental Station)
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