Andrés Zurita-Silva

Last Name Zurita-Silva
First Name Andrés
Your function Researcher
Your institution Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias INIA
Type of organization
  • Centre de rechercheResearch centerCentro de investigación
Postal address Dr. Andrés Zurita-Silva
INIA Intihuasi
Apartado Postal 36-B
Colina San Joaquín s/n, La Serena,
Región de Coquimbo, Chile
City La Serena
Other country Chile
Your area of work
  • RechercheResearchInvestigación
Theme of expertise
  • Agronomie et Systèmes de cultureAgronomy and Cropping systemsSistemas de Cultivos
  • Génétique et Amélioration des plantesGenetics and Plant breedingGenética y fitomejoramiento
First working language Castillan | Castilian | Castellano
All working languages
  • English
Other language, specify biotechnology
What do you expect of a collaborative network on quinoa? A forum to exchange information and learn from other researchers' experiences abroad.
What degree of interest do you have in professional networks? Pretty much, since they are a resource for joining otherwise isolated efforts.
What suggestions would you make for the future development of the quinoa network? To propose protocols for doing international comparative experiments.
What communication tools do you expect for a network?
  • site webwebsitePágina web
  • notes d'informationnewsletterBoletín de información
  • nouveaux outils de collaborationnew collaborative tools availableHerramientas de colaboración
  • Co-écriture d'articlesco-writing papersCo-escritura de Artículos
Do you have any suggestions for people to invite to the quinoa network (Name - contact email) ? Christian Alfaro (
Dalma Castillo (
Pedro Leon (
Are you directly responsible for conducting quinoa crop trials in your country? ? Oui - Yes - Si